Bama Boy

**Retired from Breeding** Bama comes from a little town in north Alabama. He is so cute and full of personality. He too will be trained for SAR and will also be the other breeding male for our next generation of bloodhounds. He has amazing lines that are sure to produce some wonderful pups some day…. Read more »

Big Gunner

Gunner is a pup from our own Abbie and Bama. He has amazing lines, including Brighton’s Top Cop on Abbie’s side and Willy Wonka from Bama’s. He is a beautiful, wrinkly boy with a outstanding personality. He has a love for the water and sure to be a great tracker.

Delta Dawn of Rib Mountain

We could not be more proud of our addition of Delta. She is a Rib Mountain bloodhound, directly from Jerry Yelk. We are so honored to be able to carry on the Rib Mountain lines through Delta. She is a beautiful girl with the drive we look for in our tracking/trailing dogs. Delta was out… Read more »

Loca Mocha

Mocha is a very sweet girl and full of life… Unfortunately, she is just unable to have puppies. She would make a great family pet, as she loves people and is great with children. Mocha absolutely loves the water and playing with toys. However, she is not that crazy about riding in the car, but… Read more »