Available Dogs

We want our retirees to go to good, loving homes where they will have a lot of one on one love and attention where they can be pampered and spend the rest of their lives relaxing with no more puppies to worry about. These dogs will be spayed or neutered before going to new homes.

Boerner's Bloodhounds will always take back any of the puppies we have sold (no matter the age) to help place them in new homes in the event they can no longer be cared for. We understand that some circumstances do not allow folks to take their pets with them when moving or circumstances that will not allow to keep your dog. We are happy to help give the dog a second chance with another family.

We are more than happy to help place any bloodhound rescue or needing to be rehomed (not from one of our litters), but we may not have room to bring the bloodhound in to our facility.

However, we will do our best to help you find a new home for your bloodhound. We are happy to post your dog on our website, as we always have folks looking for adult dogs. Only
dogs that are being re-homed for NO charge or fee will be listed. We are not liable for the health or disposition of any dogs not located at our kennel. However, we will not promote
any dogs that we feel are of bad health or temperament.

If we do not have any listed here, but you would be interested in an adult dog, please let us know and we'll keep you posted

Boerner’s Second Chance of Rib Mountain

Date of Birth: 05/08/2019

Weight: 109

Color: Light Skinned Red (Red Liver)


Chance has done some deer trailing, but nothing formal as far as training goes.  He has a great drive and loves to run and play.  He has been house trained and is current on all shots.  Great with kids, although sometimes he forgets his size so may not be the best around very small children.  He does not like to share his food with other dogs, but is not at all food aggressive with people.

Trusty Rusty

Date of Birth: 12/21/2011

Weight: 100 lbs.

Color: Light Skinned Red

Pedigree | DNA Profile

Rusty is the most energetic of our bloodhound pack. He is a very pretty light skinned red or liver nosed red. He absolutely loves the water and is a talker..  Rusty is so playful and a very smart boy.  He has produced some amazing working hounds, full of drive and personality.  We are so happy for him to move on to a family all just for him, but will miss him dearly.

Hubba Bubba “Hub”

Date of Birth: 04/26/12

Weight: 105 lbs.

Color: Black & Tan

Pedigree | DNA Profile

Hub joined our bloodhound pack in Feb of 2013. He is a big beautiful boy – with a lot more growing to do. Hub is a giant teddy bear – very sweet and gentle. We are excited to have him with us.  Hub has produced some of the biggest prettiest pups, including our own Dixie and Riley.

Kansas Ruger

Date of Birth: 10/25/2016

Weight: 116 lbs.

Color: Liver & Tan


Ruger is a gorgeous baby of Blue, a Gunner pup, and working hound out of Kansas. He is the great-grandbaby of Bama and will be replacing him as my SAR dog. He has the sweetest temperament and absolutely beautiful coloring. We are looking forward to our next generation in working, and in pups from him.

Boerner’s Bama Boy

Date of Birth: 05/24/09

Weight: 115 lbs.

Color: Liver & Tan

Pedigree | DNA Profile

**Retired from Breeding & SAR**

Bama comes from a little town in north Alabama. He is so cute and full of personality. He too will
be trained for SAR and will also be the other breeding male for our next generation of bloodhounds. He has amazing lines that are sure to produce some wonderful pups some day.

Big Gunner

Date of Birth: 05/14/11

Weight: 110 lbs.

Color: Liver & Tan

Pedigree | DNA Profile

Gunner is a pup from our own Abbie and Bama. He has amazing lines, including Brighton’s Top Cop on Abbie’s side and Willy Wonka from Bama’s. He is a beautiful, wrinkly boy with a outstanding personality. He has a love for the water and sure to be a great tracker.