New Owner Info

Will you be picking up your new puppy from Boerner’s Bloodhounds soon?  If so, below is some important information you should know and answers to questions we are typically asked prior to pick up.  Please let me know a week before puppies turn 8 weeks old when you will be planning on picking up your puppy (day & time). Also, I ask that you send me a text at (210) 380-2276 when about an hour away, so I know when to expect you. Sometimes folks are running early or late and this is very helpful. Also, when you send me the text, I will reply with our gate code.

  • Can I pick my puppy up earlier than 8 weeks old?  I’m very sorry, but NO.  There are no exceptions, so please do not ask.  We are state licensed and it is not worth it for us to risk our license so someone can get their puppy a couple days earlier.  If you have vacation or plans about the time your puppy will be ready, we will be more than happy to keep the puppy longer.


  • What will puppies be fed while at Boerner’s Bloodhounds?  We feed our Bloodhound pups Purina Pro Plan Focus – Large Breed Puppy.  Our Porcelaine pups are getting Purina One – Healthy Puppy.
  • How often are pups fed and what feeding schedule is recommended?  We free feed our puppies so that they have food available at all times.  However, to help potty train, we recommend following the instructions provided in the below document.  If you wish to change your puppy’s food, we recommend that you mix Purina One Large Breed Puppy with the new food for the first week, gradually adding more of your food to the mixture.  This will help keep your puppy’s tummy from getting upset.
  • Purina Pro Plan – Focus – Large Breed Puppy Feeding Guidelines
  • Purina One Healthy Puppy Feeding Guidelines


  • What do I need to bring when picking up my puppy?  We recommend bringing a crate, towel, bowl, collar and leash – especially when coming from far away.  Puppies typically wear a 6″ to 14″ collar and weigh between 10 to 18 pounds.  We recommend the cheaper adjustable collars, as your puppy will grow out of it quickly.  This is pretty much a small or medium sized collar


  • When will my puppy’s next shots be due?  Puppies receive their vet check and 1st puppy vaccinations at 6 weeks of age.  The next vaccination will be due at 9 weeks, which will be 1 week after picking up your puppy (if picked up at 8 weeks old).  If puppies are here after 8 weeks, they will be kept current on all vaccinations, wormings, etc…It is NOT a good idea to take your puppy out and around other dogs or doggie parks until at least 72 hours after the 4th puppy shot.  This is very important for your puppy – Parvo is a puppy killer and can be picked from the ground and brought in from bottoms of shoes, tires, etc.. anywhere Parvo has been present.


  • What all will be coming with my puppy?  New owners will receive a Boerner’s Bloodhounds gift pack, along with a Purina One Puppy Care Folder and sample bag of food, Health Records, Microchip info, Sales Contract/Health Guarantee, a 6 day sample of NuVet Plus, as well as other informative publications we feel will help you with your new fur baby.


  • What is NuVet Plus We have been giving pups NuVet Plus Immune Support.  All of our dogs take NuVet Plus daily.  This is an amazing supplement and we highly recommend continuing them on it if possible.  Below is the letter included with the samples, along with brochures from NuVet.  I do keep extra bottles on hand that I can sell at the same cost in the event you decide to continue your pup on this supplement and have not received your order by time your puppy is ready to go home.
  • NuVet Letter


  • When should I spay/neuter my puppy?  We recommend spaying or neutering your new baby between 14-18 months.  This will help their bones reach maturity before taking away those much needed hormones.  It also allows those growth plates to finish growing.  We also recommend talking to your vet about performing the gastopexy surgery to help prevent bloat.  This procedure will tack the stomach to the side wall of the tummy area.  When done at the same time, it will not only save money, but will also keep your dog from having to go under anesthesia a second time.


  • Is shipping available?  Puppies can be flown and will be set up by me IF the temperatures at each stop are between 45-85 degrees.  I cannot fly pups if above or below those temps.  Puppies can be ground shipped, but would need to be set up and paid for by the new owner.  I am more than happy to provide a few references that I trust.  However, once a puppy leaves here with a ground shipper, we cannot be held responsible for the care or treatment of the puppy.  There are a lot of dishonest people portraying themselves as ground shippers or USDA licensed transporters that are not trustworthy at all.